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LDSC is serving oil and gas industries, commercial and development projects to its institution and
non-institution customers for the last Three years.
We provide industrial, non-industrial items and fabrication exactly per our valuable customers specifications and requirements


Steel Components

Hardware Items


Shearing Machine

A shearing machine is a versatile tool designed to precisely cut various materials, including CS (carbon steel) and SS (stainless steel) sheets. With its capability to handle sheets up to 10 mm thick, it offers immense utility in industrial settings, fabrication shops, and manufacturing units. The machine’s robust construction and sharp blades enable it to swiftly and accurately slice through carbon steel and stainless steel sheets, meeting the demands of diverse applications across different industries. Its efficiency and capacity to handle these thicknesses make it an indispensable asset for metalworking processes, ensuring precise and consistent cuts in both CS and SS sheets.

Bending Machine

A bending machine is an essential tool in metalworking that facilitates the shaping of various materials, including CS (carbon steel) and SS (stainless steel) sheets. Capable of bending sheets up to 10 mm thick, this machine offers remarkable versatility and precision in manipulating these materials. Its robust mechanisms and adjustable features enable it to efficiently bend both carbon steel and stainless steel sheets to desired angles and shapes, catering to the demands of diverse industrial applications. Whether in fabrication shops or manufacturing units, the bending machine’s ability to handle these thicknesses makes it a valuable asset for creating accurately bent components and structures from CS and SS sheets, contributing significantly to the metalworking processes across industries.

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